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Zinedine Zidane



And the work begins Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid Castilla.


Anonymous said: Did Messi seriously deserved the golden ball?


Here read this and then judge:

"I don’t get the standards we apply to Messi. Apparently it’s only enough if he scores a hat trick every game, weaving through defenders at will while being man-marked by eight opposition players before beating Germany single-handedly after the whole rest of the Argentina squad get food poisoning before the final starts.

A hypothetical player finishes the World Cup with the most created chances, most successful dribbles, four MOTM performances, the captain of an average team with misfiring forwards that he almost single-handedly took to the finals and centimeters from winning in normal time, and with four goals and an assist to boot. All the while, high-octane offenses of opponents are doused by his mere presence on the pitch and the fear it inspires forcing every other team to be more defensive.

If that player’s name was Zinedine Zidane, he’d be hailed as god’s greatest gift to humanity since the invention of the wheel.

If that player’s name was Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Redknapp would spontaneously explode from the sheer force of the brain-gasm he’d have, while every journalist in England would be proclaiming him better than Pele.

If that player’s name was Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard, he’d be paraded through the streets of London before being named a member of the House of Lords.

If it was Pirlo, or Xavi, or Iniesta (who had no goals and 2 assists at Euro 2012), or Brazilian Ronaldo, they would be a shoe-in for the Golden Ball. No controversy, no questions asked.

But apparently when that player’s name is Lionel Messi, that’s not good enough.

I sincerely hope history is kinder to the man than the absurd standards that we presently apply to him are.”

Are you Messi fans fucking kidding me? This guy was named the best player in the world four times in a row! This guy was called the best player ever by the media time and time again! The hype around him when Barca was at its best was unbelievable!! And now that people disagree with this one decision we are holding him up to impossible standards? May I ask again: Are you fucking kidding me?

I am not even going to start talking about the names people have been calling Cristiano Ronaldo while Messi was being haled the second coming of Christ for years! I can’t believe you guys are even for real….


The game never ends. x

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