I love my tumblr…

…but I gotta admit I am a bit miffed if random people post an old pic of Zizou and it gets 60 notes in five minutes, and when I post a picture I call pretty awesome I get about 6 notes. *lol* But that has been my online fate since I ever started having an internet connection…:P

As a result though I started having emotional outbursts whenever someone reacts to my posts:

Aww, someone favorited one of my posts. *sigh* Life is so beaaaautiful.

Yeah, someone reblogged my post! I rule the wooooorld!

Someone followed me….ahhh….ah…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha….*getshysterical*

I try to ignore when someone unfollows me though to prevent any reaction…

Sometimes I wish though I would’ve just made a tumblr about…I dunno…some naked guy bc that would be easier. *LOL* I gotta compliment my followers and readers for their excellent taste in men though. :D

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